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Executive Summary

AMD Telecom (, operates around the globe providing SMS & Voice Connectivity, SMS Monetization, Messaging Services, Verification Services, Voice Services, Phone Numbers, Clearance & Settlement, and Roaming services, to a large spectrum of companies, such as Mobile Network Operators, Telecom Vendors, Social Networking Platforms, Global Email Providers.


Offices located at: Switzerland, Greece, Russia, Spain, UAE, Italy, Bulgaria, India.


~120 employees


~1,200 active customers including Google, Microsoft, UBER, WeChat, FoodPanda, AXA Insurance, Mail.Ru, National Bank of Greece, Aegean Airlines, etc.

Product Overview

Why AMD Telecom

Powerful background and deep industry knowledge acquired throughout the past 20 years, being actively involved with communication.

Services world’s largest companies in various verticals across Retail, E-Commerce, Consumer, Financial institutions, insurance companies, software houses, etc.

AMD Telecom is very serious about its customer service. The company maintains a 24/7 year-round customer support to assist customers and partners with whatever they might need.

Offers scalability on-demand on all APIs, so hardware additions, upgrades, etc., are inconsequential, whether one wishes to increase or reduce SMS, Viber, Email, or Voice traffic.

Rated in the Top 10 awarded vendors offering Roaming and Interconnection Products and Services, by Rocco Customer Service Research amongst MNOs, out of a total of 92 Vendors.

Maintains excellent direct relationships with more than 1,200 Mobile Operators globally, and thus is able to provide top-notch SMS and Voice services anywhere in the world.

Ensures that all SMS and voice traffic go through the best available routes (including more than 230 zero hops directs), at the best possible price of the market.

Provides quality & reliability of service, as all APIs and fully redundant communication platforms of the company have been developed internally, ensuring continuity, quality, and security.

Market Overview

Worldwide Messaging traffic is immense. A2P message volume has grown to 2.19 trillion messages by 2019

Popularity due to integrated social dynamics, more advanced features than SMS/MMS, and negligible cost, often free

OTT Messaging is leading to a decline in P2P Messaging

At the same time, enterprise adoption of A2P SMS is partially offsetting the decline of consumer SMS messaging

Enterprise messaging (A2P) represented the only area of growth accounting for ~40% of SMS revenue in 2019

The global A2P SMS market constituted 17% of SMS revenue in 2014 and reached 40% by 2018

Mobile penetration continues to grow at a fast rate across emerging markets

Mobile penetration continues to grow at a fast rate across emerging markets

A2P SMS and Authentication will be a 58.7 Bn USD market globally by 2020

Cloud Communication platforms revenue was $123.4m in 2013 and $7.5 Bn in 2018 at a 127.5% CARG

Mobile-based SMS is the most widely used communication channel

  • 6.1 Bn people actively use SMS and send ~7 trillion messages per year
  • Between 2010 and 2015, A2P SMS has grown from 11.7% to 22.4% of SMS traffic worldwide
  • Live reporting, with detailed information
  • A2P SMS has evolved from simple alerts to sophisticated services

Mobile-based communication is finding fast adoption across industries

  • Consumer facing industries such as retail, CPG, financial services, travel and e-commerce has already adopted A2P SMS as an important channel of communication
  • IVR-based voice and email communication is now also finding significant usage
  • Use cases include marketing, special offers, loyalty, authentication, surveys, check-ins, statements

Company Timeline


AMD Telecom is established as SMS Hub and launches the web platform messaging service.


AMD Telecom is incorporated into AMD Telecom S.A.


AMD Telecom is certified bt GSMA as SMS Hub. It is the only Greek company still with this certification.


AMD Telecom is certified as a mobile phone carrier in Greece and Poland obtaining its proprietary numbering plan.


AMD Telecom signs an important contract as the sole SMS Hub for Turkmenistan. The same year the Roaming Department for Turkmenistan is founded.


AMD Telecom obtains a new data center in Germany improving the Quality of Service.


AMD Telecom launches the omnichannel communication platform Routee and serves clients like Google, Microsoft, and Uber.


AMD Telecom launches the WayMore Marketing Automation Platform.

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Connected to more than 1,200 Mobile Network Operators in more than 200 countries, providing bidirectional SMS and Voice services with broad international coverage.

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